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Still Life

Shooting still life is where I learned the nuts and bolts of my trade, and also developed my obsession with lighting. It was never my intention (I wanted to be a photojournalist). But anyway I landed a job assisting Carl Warner, who is one of the best still life photographers in the world. (Check out his work.) The thing about still life is that it teaches you to really look at stuff - and especially to light it. I always remember one of the first subjects they made us light at college was a chrome iron. We had to light it in 5 completely different ways. It’s amazing what you can do with light to create mood, dimension and depth. Anyway I put it all to good use, as Sainsbury’s used to send all the shiny stuff to me to shoot. Wine bottles, jars, cutlery, stuff wrapped in cling film etc. It was a challenge, but you do learn a lot about lighting.

Nowadays it's an enjoyable way to spend a couple of days, building a set in my studio here in North Devon to do still life shots for product, packaging and food producers.

If you require images of any of the following;

• e-commerce

• product

• packaging

• food

• jewellery

Please get in touch for a competitive quote.